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Psychic? Naw, Just a Realist

by Arlene Peck

I don't think my teachers ever considered me precocious or gifted. Even though I went to Columbia, one of those good Ivy League schools, I remember my mother telling me that she was going to have to burn down the university to get me out. Yet, what other explanation is there? It could only be precociousness or some psychic ability that enabled me to be so right about all that I have been saying.

It's only now that am I hearing on radio and television talk shows that we are in a global war and the religion of Islam once thought by all and sundry to be "peaceful" is actually out to kill anyone who isn't them. Period. How strange, I have been assuming that for years, and I thought most sane people also took it for granted.

Yet, I look back at the titles of the columns that I wrote years ago, "Like Father — Like Son" and "Hell Yes! We Want Oil!" and realize that even then, I felt the premonitions. And, this dear reader, before our country was bankrupted by the cost of the Iraq war and its ludicrous "rebuilding".

Does anyone remember the spiel pitched at us? It went something like this: the richest oil wells in the world were in Iraq and, when they were "liberated", the output from them was going to pay for the new "democracy" and thereby keep our country from being saddled with the horrendous costs involved in establishing and stabilizing a new democratic country.

Well, that didn't happen! Was it just another premonition, but I kinda never thought it would pan out that way? We never seem to realize: this is the 7th Century we are dealing with and they just don't get the picture. They aren't on the same page, or even the same book, but for some reason, our leaders keep expecting them to behave in a civilized manner. I have some intuition about that approach, too!

And now, something even more beyond our control has happened. Adding fuel to growing situations like not having enough money to pay for our own school system, the United States — has a city to rebuild!

I don't think I am a minority voice. A recent poll showed that the vast majority of Americans disapprove of the job President Bush is doing. In the same record breaking manner, only about 5% of Americans support our continued "rebuilding" of Iraq, compared to almost 80% support for the reconstruction of New Orleans. Besides, everything we're building for them gets blown up before it's finished anyway.

When I saw the horrific destruction Katrina caused, I felt that the worst damage of this storm could have been averted, had the money been allocated for beefing up New Orleans' infrastructure and flood control and not gone to other areas such as Iraq or tax breaks for the wealthy.

However, I said then, and still maintain, that in about three or four months, the aftermath of Katrina is going to be the biggest boon to the economy in a generation. A vast city has to be rebuilt and the real estate march into New Orleans has already begun. Think architects, contractors, hard hats, steel, concrete, glass, wood, siding, shingles, nails, etc. Oh, and what about the hotels and casinos that will be rebuilt? The hospitals, medical supplies, schools, churches and, best of all, synagogues! I even saw an article in the scurrilous Los Angeles Times about how a couple of sacred Torahs had been saved, new ones costing over $50, 000 because of the intricate, time-consuming hand-written work. I'll make a bet the lawyers are already marching over the hill, or down into the levies to find someone to sue.

The list is endless. In that positive frame of mind, I think I am going to buy more Home Depot stock, as it will surely go up! Regretfully, I wish my "psychic" vibes had been a little more finely attuned and I had thought to buy stock in Cheney's Halliburton and Bush's oil friends before the election! But, maybe it is not too late, as upcoming no-bid contracts are sure to follow in disaster relief services, "consulting" and restoration of Gulf area energy companies.

Speaking of infrastructure and building; is it timely to remind folks of the awfully large fence currently under construction along the Arizona border, all in the name of "homeland security"? How odd this is hardly commented on.

Can anyone spot the double standard? Israel is still under incredible attack from our Arabist State Dept, the United Nations and the Holocaust sanctioners who make up the European Union, over her decision to build just such a fence on her borders. And what a list it is — their many objections to a Security Fence designed to keep out terrorists. I guess it is ok for America to build an anti-"wetback" fence. Included among the many illegals streaming over our border, there aren't terrorists, having learned how to fly planes, believing America is "the great Satan"...are there????

From the looks of it, Israel's fence is being built not a moment too soon. Read the statistics for yourself if you doubt how effective it has been already. Innocent Israeli lives are being saved, but that probably doesn't matter.

I think it was a brilliant stroke of Public Relations on Israel's part, which they usually aren't too keen on, when they stepped back and allowed the savages in Gaza to have their orgy of burning, looting and dancing of the rooftops of the synagogues, without a Palestinian Authority or Egyptian border guard lifting a finger, except to loot. In the long run, their abandonment will come back and bite them on the tush. Because, after the unchecked frenzy of destruction, about 20,000 of their "brothers" crossed into Egypt and about 3,000 became new residents of that garden spot of the Middle East, Gaza. It mattered not that the United States, Egypt and even Israel had actual promises from them that they would behave like humans and not the barbaric cretins we anticipated. I, with my psychic ability, knew that they were going to do exactly what they did.

It has been obvious to everyone except politically correct morons, safe in their latte circles, and, of course, our top rating news shows, that the "open borders" are going to give Al-Qaeda unfettered access into the Gaza Strip, all the while smuggling in arms via the Philadelphia corridor.

It is like a pot of hot, hot soup ready to boil over. And, since my powers seem to be hot, I predict that the terror organizations are working like little beavers to get as many weapons in place before any of those useless 750 Egyptian border guards stop them. That is, if they even try.

I remember when I was in Beirut in June of `82, working as a journalist, seeing first hand how useless they were in any capacity other than "prisoner". In that capacity, they excelled and would come out waving white flags before the first shot was fired. As for Al Qaeda, these are men who know how to fight; in fact, for what's it worth, they excel in terrorism and cutting off heads.

When I think of what the people Israel is forced to deal with, I often think of a species of fish I read about, probably when I was marking time at Columbia. This breed are voracious eaters, often running out of prey. When that happens, it's not a real problem, because they turn cannibal and begin to devour their own kind. I could tell you it's my "Psychic Powers" working, but really, all I have to do is read the reports coming out of the Middle East daily, to know that civil war is a reality.

Palestinian and Egyptian officials have given their "promise" to curb the flow as soon as possible. However, we all know that doesn't mean diddlysquat. So, tell you what I think? I believe that something truly terrible is going to happen because Pandora's Box has been opened. And, when the full extent of its contents are revealed to the world, Israel will have the excuse and, this time, possibly (but probably not) World approval, to go back in and, for once, actually take the offensive and do what they have to do, bring the terrorists the death they live for and revere. No, not militants, or extremist, or activists. They are roaches and like the vermin they are, must be destroyed! Not negotiated with, nor pacified...killed!

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She travels extensively worldwide, reporting to her audience about political events, social happenings (Cannes Film Festival, London event for the Variety Club, etc.) and "must see" spots. If there is a place to see and be seen, she'll write about it for her international audience.

Arlene's syndicated column is read weekly by millions and her television show ("Wow! It's Arlene Peck!") can be seen throughout Southern California every Monday night.

Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.