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Until You Walk in My Shoes

by Arlene Peck

Eons ago, when I was going through a divorce, people would come to me and say, "Poor thing, I know how you feel" And I'd think, "No, you don't." There are some feelings that, unless mutually experienced, you just cannot comprehend. The death of a family dog, for instance, means nothing to a friend unless he or she is also a dog lover.

Now, the rest of the world is seeing first-hand the Demonic, savage culture Israel has had to contend with for its' entire existence. Suddenly, the times, they are a-changing. No longer do I hear on radio talk shows, "Oh, can't them Jews and A-rabs jus get along and stop all that fighting."

Since the world has been reluctantly forced to acknowledge the raging mobs running through the streets of Paris and Norway, and a dozen other countries, burning cars and cities, with fists in the air, shouting "Jihad, jihad, be-head, behead!", the tone has been changing. The latest evidence of them marching to the chant, "exterminate those who mock Islam," "Be prepared for the real Holocaust", "Europe, learn your lesson from 9/11" and "Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on the way", has the "shock jocks" shouting, "Nuke them! Nuke them!" How ironic, that a few cartoons are achieving what Israel's entire history, 9/11 and the nightly sight of our young men being returned from Iraq in body bags, had only partially been able to achieve; to wake the world to the reality to the situation.

Good Lord, I think we are finally getting it. When a seventh century culture of 1.4 billion primitave goons go on a rampage around the world protesting cartoons and burning down embassies because they are "insulted", the world finally sees, firsthand, the depth of danger these Gestapo robots represent to the rest of us. They can no longer be taken lightly or dismissed so easily. It was never about cartoons, nor was it about Sharon going to the Temple mount.

With their faces being seen daily, everywhere, in a feeding frenzy of hate and rampage, all these phoney "jihadist" are doing, in reality, is lose the "public relations" war they thought would aid their cause. After all, it always worked in the past.

They may feel they are earning the approval of their prophet, and the meagre pay of their Imams, but they have proven beyond a doubt what a large proportion of the world has been saying for a long time. They have only added to the growing number of people who can see no reason in them, and little purpose in "dialogue".

How many people in the West remain, with any sympathy for them? There will be some, for sure, but the percentage is dropping with each burnt Embassy and their self-appointed positions as "opinion monitors" is increasingly under threat. Hello L.A Times, NY TimesM/I>, ACLU, BBC.

It is difficult to justify, and becoming harder to tolerate, in a democratic world, a culture that is ideologically incapable of, and religiously opposed to, the basic concepts of democracy. It is a basic understanding of our culture that the free press must not be harnessed. America's founding fathers knew that a free press is so critical to freedom itself that they enshrined it as one of our fundamental rights. We innately understand how all other freedoms would be in peril if this one core value were nullified.

On the other hand, the press in Muslim countries is notoriously censored and controlled by their dictatorial-like governments. Due to the complete Nazification of these dysfunctional people, they have no point of reference and so cannot understand that an objective press requires that thing called "Freedom of the Press" if it is to serve any function at all beyond propaganda. Their imans have complete control over what is written. They have no point of reference and so cannot understand that newspapers, radio and television require that thing called "Freedom of the Press" if they are to serve any function at all beyond propaganda.

Because of the state of their nations, they cannot understand that in Europe and elsewhere, propaganda does not control content and governments do not control what is printed in a free press.

A free press is such a critical adjunct to freedom itself that America's founders wrote it into the First Amendment, as one of our fundamental rights. If intimidation limits press freedom, our other freedoms are in jeopardy.

Surprisingly even the LA Times seems to have a tenuous grasp of the situation, probably out of self-interest and self-preservation, because they have never allowed such concern, previously, to influence their reporting of Israeli or Islamic affairs. "The furor over satirical cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad intensified across the world as Syrian protestors set fire to the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus"

Well golly, do ya' think that this group of people, this very large group of people, really need an excuse to revert to standard operating procedure to destroy everything? Naw, for them, any excuse will do. Of course the ones with a little higher education have learned to donate $20 million to Universities and host hate conferences under the guise of a questionable and transparent "Palestine Solidarity Movement" as Saudi Prince Alwaleed has done at Georgetown University, with the all-too obvious intention of spreading their cancer within the minds of American students.

I am reminded of the Los Angeles riots in 1990, when the residents of Compton looted and burned South L.A. These weren't deprived citizens who were crying because of their poverty and bad treatment. They were thugs and criminals who wanted to vandalise for the fun of it! However, they were pussycats compared to these mask wearing cretins, who cry "sensitivity" and then use that as an excuse to do what they do best, KILL!

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quoted as saying escalating violence would accomplish little. And, who better than them to know? Merkel said, "I can understand that religious feelings of Muslims have been injured and violated, but I also have to make it clear that I feel it is unacceptable to see this as legitimizing the use of violence". Well, she's got that right.

What I would like hear around the world are questions over the absence of the counter-Muslim voice in counter marches saying that 8th century savages do not speak for them? Maybe I missed the million-man march of protest. The thousand man march? Actually, about a hundred Muslims were at the United Nations protesting the violence. A meagre hundred, out of 1.4 billion, who are ready to rampage!

The cartoons printed in September had nothing to do with the burning and destruction we are seeing across the world nation. For years, Islam has been preaching love and peace, and playing the victim in one language and then raging war in another! They feel they have infiltrated enough of Europe to become a fifth column and are ready to make their move against the world at large.

Hopefully, we, in America, are beginning to wake up and see that the only thing these savages understand is strength. I have always known that this mass of evil humanity had a plan, once they rid the world of the Saturday people, the Sunday people will be next. Now, they have focused on churches across Europe. No longer content to tear them down and build a mosque on top, they want complete destruction.

If they find themselves successful in this endeavour, expect to see attacks on more and more churches and synagogues around the world.

Let them know we also know where they live — starting with Mecca and Medina! A few well-placed bombs, targeting the worst of their Imams, would get their attention. Power they understand. For every burning of a church or synagogue, they need to be put on notice that they will receive the same — ten-fold.

The Islamic Jihadiis are primitive but they do understand repercussions. They are trained and "educated" in mosques. This might be an opportune time to remind the Imams, responsible for initiating these "missions", that they also are vulnerable.

Now, Europe and the West are "hoping for negotiations that would avoid humiliating Iran" and allow it to maintain its "national dignity."

I'm waiting for the ACLU to rush in and sue the offending newspapers for bruising the feelings of the shocked Arabs. Even the self-haters and psychotic leftists seem to be toning down their rhetoric. The scenes they are watching on television might have shocked some sense into their mushy brains.

Personally, I think that this just might be the time for Israel to seize the moment. Instead of waiting for new directions for more road maps to hell, how about cutting off their electricity, water supply and hospital access and ship them back to their homes in Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Transfer is a logical word. Don't fund them, don't negotiate with them, don't hire them, don't befriend them — deport them! Defeat them! And keep in mind that since they revere death — give it to them.

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She travels extensively worldwide, reporting to her audience about political events, social happenings (Cannes Film Festival, London event for the Variety Club, etc.) and "must see" spots. If there is a place to see and be seen, she'll write about it for her international audience.

Arlene's syndicated column is read weekly by millions and her television show ("Wow! It's Arlene Peck!") can be seen throughout Southern California every Monday night.

Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.