Et Tu, Czechs?

                                                                                                                                           by Gerald A. Honigman



     Nauseating...but I'll get to that later.

     Israel has finally opened up its collective eyes and once again elected leaders who are willing to assert that Israel is indeed a sovereign nation and will act like one. The last Israeli leadership virtually relinquished Israel's sovereignty to the wishes of an American State Department which fought against Israel's rebirth in the first place and has been mostly hostile ever since.

     The first duty of any sovereign nation--whether an America which stretches 3,000 miles from coast to coast, Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, China, or a miniscule Israel--must be the safety of its people. The security and survival of the sole Jewish State should not be placed in jeopardy so that Arabs can have their twenty-second.

     With the exception of Israel in those above examples, all others have travelled thousands of miles away from home to fight wars over perceived national interests. Additionally, all--including America--have conquered and acquired lands belonging to others in the name of their own respective manifest destinies and so forth.

     As I've written earlier, the ascendancy of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister and his appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Foreign Minister are causing massive outcries among those who prefer their Jews ghetto-style instead, begging to just be allowed to exist.

     Bibi and Lieberman's alleged crimes? They demand that Arabs show true accountability and commitment to real peace before agreeing to any further territorial concessions and demand loyalty from all of Israel's citizens--Arabs included.

     Whereas Bibi's predecessor, Ehud Olmert,  acted blindly towards Israeli Arab intimidation, terrorism, and repeated acts of treason within Israel proper, perpetrated by the freest Arabs living anywhere in the region (Israel), Lieberman has said that such acts will finally be handled the same way any other sane nation would do in order to survive. For this, he has been branded a racist extremist by the same folks  who have watched Arabs enslave, gas, murder, subjugate, wage genocide against, and forcibly Arabize millions of non-Arabs in the region.

     Foreign Ministers of  the European Union recently met to discuss how they will deal with the new, non-groveling Jews. All are determined to force Israel to agree to disregard sanity, the facts, and its vital national security interests.

     While all--including America's new President--demand that the Netanyahu government announce its acceptance of the alleged "two-state" solution, none have confronted the alleged Arab moderates about their own open, continuous rejection of Israel as a Jewish State...the same Arab rejection which has prevented peace between Arab and Jew right from the getgo.

     President Obama and the EU's moderate buddy, Abbas has demanded that Israel allow itself to be swamped by millions of alleged Arab refugees--after its forced retreat to the sub-rump state status of the '49 armistice lines. Obama claims that Israel would be nuts to reject such a "peace" (the Saudi plan) that would essentially turn Israel into yet another de facto Arab state.

     That twenty-one nations--with scores of millions of non-Arabs living in them--are declared to be Arab, members of the Arab League (the PLO having observer status as the 22nd state in waiting), and press the claim that virtually the entire region is purely Arab patrimony, none of this is of interest to those who recently met in Prague in the former Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, to complain about Israel's new, "anti-peace" government.

     Now add to this another fact that some of us insist on repeating since Arabs and their supporters constantly pretend otherwise...

     What the European Union, America, and most of the rest of the world is really calling for is not a two-state solution, but a three-state solution. They're demanding that a second Arab state--not first--emerge within the original Mandatory borders of Palestine.

     That the modern state of Jordan was carved out of almost 80% of the original April 25, 1920 Mandate of Palestine and was handed over by Colonial Secretary Churchill to Arab nationalism in 1922 is indeed relevant to all of this. So, again, the proposed new state--created after forcing Israel back to its suicidal, 1949 armistice lines, not borders--will be the Arabs' second, not first in "Palestine."

      Regarding these recent developments, Britain's Middle East envoy, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, has repeatedly and forcibly told reporters and others, "we need a combination of strong political negotiations towards a two-state solution..." Translate this as meaning tightening the screws, again, on the Jews regardless of the fact that what Israel got after its total withdrawal from Gaza--non-stop Arab terror, death, and destruction from thousands of Arab mortars, rockets, and so forth launched into Israel proper--will be the likely scenario after its forced withdrawal from virtually all of the "West Bank"...once again making Judea Judenrein. But this time, courtesy of its "friends" ( a lesson the Czechs should know all-too-well), a nine to fifteen mile wide Israel will have its capital, main airport, key population and industrial centers, and such exposed as the main targets.

     Blair, like many of his American political counterparts who also move through the revolving doors of business and government (Condoleezza Rice already has had one oil tanker named after her), has undoubtedly learned to milk the Arab petrodollar teat for all that it's worth. As just a few other examples, former State Department Secretary James Baker III, former Presidents Carter and Clinton,  as well as the entire Bush family are certainly no strangers to this either.

     While lots could be said about the hypocrisy of other European sycophants to the Arab potentate petrodollar, let's just stick with the Brits for now and only deal with just a few of the many aspects to their hypocrisy. The other nation which  I'll focus upon and which should be even more shamed will continue to emerge as we proceed...

     That Blair is allegedly concerned about peace should be a good thing, correct? Now, who could complain about that? Or does Tony believe that Netanyahu actually enjoys having Israel's kids and other innocents constantly targeted by his Arab pals? In a gesture to President Obama, Israel had recently caved,  removed some road blocks to make Arab travel easier--and just had a teenager axed to death and another one seriously wounded as a result.

     The problem, of course, is what we mean by "peace."


     You see, Bibi and Lieberman are finally calling for the Arabs to clearly define this--and that's deemed to be too much to ask of Arabs by their assorted supporters and  derriere-kissers.


     One of Blair's predecessors, after all, had promised the former Czechoslovakia and the rest of the world "peace" over a half century ago at Munich. Hitler claimed he only wanted the Sudetenland, that part of Czechoslovakia which had millions of ethnic Germans in it...


     So, the Czechs and Slovaks (who had a respectable army) were sold out to Hitler in 1938 by their so-called "friends," Britain's Neville Chamberlain & Co. The world was soon at war anyway after the Nazi invasion of Poland.


      Blair and Britain's Foreign Minister, David Miliband, who recently called for the recognition of Hamas (an organization totally dedicated to Israel's destruction), know full well that even their darling Abbas's latter-day Arafatian "moderates" call all dealings with Israel merely a "Trojan Horse" that is used to win diplomatically what could not be won on the battlefield-- advancing the Arabs' well-known, decades' old destruction in phases strategy for Israel's demise.


     There is no difference between Hamas and Abbas vis-a-vis Israel in the long term. Abbas is willing to play the game to gain dhimmi gelt and support against his rivals.Recall that he is also Arafat's (of Swiss bank account fame) hand-picked, Fatah successor.


     The Brits are no dummies when it comes to the Middle East. They've been meddling in it for centuries. Among numerous other results of this, some thirty-five million Kurds remain stateless to date because of their earlier shenanigans.


     Who amongst the EU Foreign Ministers is calling for a two-state solution in Iraq--the former Mandate of Mesopotamia--where Kurds were indeed promised independence after World War I?  And is anyone--especially the French, the former colonial rulers--calling for a state for tens of millions of long-oppressed, murdered, and subjugated Imazighen/Berbers in "Arab" North Africa? Where were the Foreign Ministers in Prague who threatened "Arab" Sudan with action if does not stop its racist, genocidal policies against its black population? Etc. and so forth...


     Better yet, if there must be another two-state solution involving Arabs, why not demand it in the master hypocrite Ahmadinejad's own nation?


     Iran's oil-rich western province of Khuzestan was known as Arabistan for centuries due to its primarily Arab population. Iranians have violently suppressed the latter in the name of their own national interests...all while demanding that Israel commit national suicide to achieve some other Arabs' aspirations.


     What makes matters even worse is that the  Brits also know the difference firsthand  between a hudna--the most that even those Arab "moderates" offer to Israel--and real peace.


     The former, modeled after what the Prophet Muhammad offered up to his enemies until he could muster the strength to deliver the final blow (the Peace of the Quraysh), is but a temporary respite from hostilities. One does not give away the store nor bare the necks of one's innocents--the Arabs' targets of choice--for such a "deal."


     Moving to  the other side of the world,  several decades ago, the Brits were engaged thousands of miles away from home, just a few hundred miles off the coast of Argentina.


     The Falklands War was fought in the name of Great Britain's national interests and sovereignty.


     Now think about this long and hard when you hear the Brits pretend that Israel has no right to be concerned over the violent happenings on its very doorstep and in its very backyard and the need for those secure borders--not armistice lines--promised to it after the 1967 War by the final draft of UNSC resolution 242 (which Britain's own Lord Caradon was one of the chief architects of).


     Closer to home, does anyone recall what the movie Braveheart was all about? Have a good chat with the Scots, Irish, and so forth about was done in the name of His or Her Majesty's realm...


     Okay, the stench of the Brits' hypocrisy and double standards regarding Israel could fill volumes--so I'll end the discussion of it now.


     But what's even more astounding and unbelievable is that the legendary 20th century victim of the Brits' machinations--the nation hand delivered to Hitler at Munich by its earlier British "friends"--is now itself demanding that Israel consent to a replay of this in the 21st century.


     Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg of the Czech Republic, whose country is the current EU president , has joined the anti-Netanyahu/Lieberman  chorus--knowing full well that the claim that all that Arabs want is Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) has about the same amount of truth in it as Chamberlain's promises did in Munich 1938.


     Shame on them all...


     Let's hope Netanyahu and Lieberman have what it takes to resist  what will likely follow...and, unfortunately, from America's new leader as well.

Gerald A. Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral studies in Middle Eastern Affairs. He has created and conducted counter-propaganda programs for college youth, has lectured on numerous university campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated many anti-Israel spokesmen. His articles and op-eds have been published in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, academic journals and websites around the world. His official website is:

Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.