Ain't That Nice?
                       by Gerald A. Honigman
     I mean, all that balanced moral equivalence and stuff. I just get goosebumps.
     I recently received my Jerusalem Online Updates on the computer and, sure enough, there's President Obama's Mid East envoy, George Mitchell, stating that the U.S. won't turn its back on Palestinians.
     As if Washington ever did...
     Since Mitchell had, not long before, said something similar about Israel, how nice of him to balance the two!
     Short, sweet, and to the point...
     Here's how Arabs and their assorted mouthpieces define "turning your back on the Palestinians":
     Allowing for a viable--if miniscule--State of the Jews to still be around after Arabs get their 22nd state and second one on the original April 25, 1920 borders of the Mandate of Palestine...Jordan sitting on some 80% of the original territory.
     As has to be repeated ad nauseum because Arabs repeat their lies ad nauseum, after Arab nationalism got the lion's share of the land as a gift from the Brits in 1922, Arabs then refused subsequent partitions plans--including the one in 1947 which would have awarded them about half of the 20% of the territory still remaining. Ten percent was still too much for the Jews...or any of the scores of millions of other non-Arab peoples who dared ask for a slice of justice for themselves in the region after the break-up of the centuries old Ottoman Turkish Empire. As I feel necessary to repeat...Arabs simply claimed the whole shebang as purely Arab patrimony.
     "Arab" justice--i.e., not turning your back on them--thus translates into caving in to all of their subjugating demands.
     And, if you don't agree, you have then, by their definition, "turned your back on them."
     Take the alleged Saudi Peace (of the grave) Plan as the latest case in point--the one President Obama has stated Israel would be crazy to refuse. Here 'tis in a nutshell:
     If Israel (and not a Jewish Israel) "merely" agrees to return to its pre-'67, 9-mile wide '49 armistice line--not border--existence; forsakes the territorial compromise allowed it by the final draft of UNSC resolution 242; and agrees to be swamped by millions of "returning" jihadist refugees raised from the cradle to the grave on non-stop Jew-hatred (many, if not most, of whom were new-comers themselves into the Palestinian Mandate--so much so that UNRWA had to redefine the very word "refugee" to accommodate them) created because the Arab attempt to nip a reborn Israel in the bud backfire...along with everything else that the Arabs demand for the Jewish State's suicide...then the Saudis and other Arabs might normalize relations with Israel.
    What a deal? Something a three-thousand mile wide America would accept with enemies sworn to its own destruction, right?
     A "deal," that is, until Israel takes one too many breaths Arabs say it is alloted. 
     And then the intangible Arab promises disappear (taqiyyah--legitimate Arab/Muslim lying, to further the cause, to the Infidel), while the concrete, tangible concessions of Israel's very survivability have been abandoned due to pressure from its American, Munich-style friends.
     There is and never has been any moral equivalence in this conflict.
     To any truly objective observer, those admittedly imperfect Jews have indeed bent over backwards, sideways, and forwards to reach an honorable solution with those--Arabs--who forcibly Arabize and/or outlaw scores of millions of Imazighen/Berbers in North Africa, Kurds in Syria and Iraq, Copts in Egypt, and so forth from such things as speaking their own language, practicising their own non-Arab cultures, building their own places of worship, naming their own children non-Arab names, and so forth...Then massacring those who might disagree. Think Arab subjugation, rape, enslavement, and genocide against black Africans in the Sudan (decades before Darfur), the Arab Anfal Campaign against Kurds in Iraq, and so forth. The title of the Kurdish nationalist, Ismet Cherif Vanly's, 1968 book, The Syrian 'Mein Kampf' Against The Kurds, says it all.
     You know...those same Arabs who scream about "racist Zionists" who made Arabic the second national language of the State of Israel, have Arabs in the Knesset (Parliament) who openly side with Hamas, have the freest Arabs living anywhere outside of the West (despite some problems due to the non-stop tension), etc.
     A piece of advice to Mr. Netanyahu before I end this...
     Stick to your position about recognizing that 22nd Arab state.
     With crucial modifications, the Saudi Peace Plan might be something to think about--i.e., nix any Arab refugees returning to overwhelm you from within...the Arab game plan as of today.
     And nix a return to the mostly suicidal Auschwitz/armistice lines--not borders--of '49,  imposed upon Israel by the U.N. after it stood by and watched Israel being invaded by a half dozen Arab armies and did nothing until the Jews finally turned back their would-be executioners. The lines only marked the point where the hostilities were halted. Israel was not resurrected to merely become a sub-rump state.
     Justice demands nothing less.
     When Arabs demonstrate that they truly want real peace and are not still playing their well-known Trojan Horse, Hudna (like Muhammad's "Peace of the Quraysh," the ceasefire the Muslim Prophet agreed to until he gathered the strength to wipe out his enemies), and  Destruction-in-Phases games--all in the words of the Arabs' own so-called "moderates," by the way--then something else may become possible down the road.
     Finally, please watch for my book coming out shortly on these very issues and more, The Quest For Justice In The Middle East...The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Greater Perspective.



Gerald A. Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral studies in Middle Eastern Affairs. He has created and conducted counter-propaganda programs for college youth, has lectured on numerous university campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated many anti-Israel spokesmen. His articles and op-eds have been published in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, academic journals and websites around the world. His official website is:

Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.