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Editorial Archives -- the Middle East

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Miscellaneous Authors:

A Mockery of Concern
    Yehudit Tayar
The spirit of our People
    Yehudit Tayar
A Farewell to Daniel
    Cheryl Mandel
A statistic no longer silent
    Kelly Hartog
A Tale of Two 'Nakbas'
    Jewish Xpress
About Pigs and Transfer of Jews
    Nadia Matar
An unconventional Arab viewpoint
    World Net Daily
An underdog waiting for a champion
    Beth Goodtree
Anger, Tears and Hatred
    Mark Kaplan
Anti-Semitism in Europe
    Arthur D. Levine
Arab kids spew toxic venom
    World Net Daily
Arab Mother Cried For Mercy, They
    Responded - And She Murdered Them
Arabs portray Jews as murderers
    World Net Daily
Arafat OK'd suicide bombings
    The Washington Times
Arafat's Infomercial
    Stephen M. Asbel
Arafat's Jesus
    Jewish Xpress
Arafat the Magnanimous
    Jewish Xpress
Big, bad Israel?
    WND — Tom Ambrose
Blaming the Jews for the Holocaust
    The Spectator
Crossing Red Lines
    Ruth Matar
Daniel in the Lions' Den
    Charlotte West
Dear President Bush
    Jewish Xpress
Don't Condemn Israel to India's Fate
European hostility to Israel
    World Net Daily
European report on anti-Semitism
    shelved due to "political" reasons
Geneva Accord — Alternative Version
    Rabbi Dr. Chaim Simons
Geneva: A Blueprint for War
    Jeff Jacoby
Hamas won't stop terror
    World Net Daily
Harvard's Tainted Money
    Jeff Jacoby
Hauser Helped Fund Hate
    New York Sun
Hebron Revisited
    Barbara Lerner
Hiding Israel's Contribution to the
    US Military
— Emanuel A. Winston
How Israel Can Defend Itself
    Bernard J. Shapiro
How St. Petersburg Times Spins
    Middle East News
Tampa Bay Primer
I Wish 80 or 90 Jews Would Die
    Carol Gould
Islamic Prof. declares "Israel
    belongs to the Jews!"
Israel or Palestine?
    Ariel Natan Pasko
Israeli resilience
    Barak Barfi
It is Time
    Jewish Xpress
Jewish - Religion or People?
    Jewish Xpress

Jews are `wicked' in Saudi textbooks
    New York Post
Letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey
"Like Sheep to the Wolf"
    Ruth Matar
Media bias 101
    Ben Pitt
Nazification of Palestinian Arabs
    Chuck Morse
Never again
    David Arenson
Never negotiate peace with terrorists
    Yossi Klein Halevi
On Suicide Bombers
    Jewish Xpress
PA textbooks incite against Jews
    World Net Daily
Palestinian boy's martyrdom 'staged'
    World Net Daily
Palestinian Perfidy
    Louis Rene Beres
Paying our enemies to kill us
    Joel Mowbray
Reflections on a Decade of Death
    Stan Goodenough
Roadmap to Annihilation
    The Jewish Community of Hebron
September 11th Vindicates Israel
    Info Israel .net
Slander at USA TODAY:
    Reporter forced to resign
Spiral of equivalency
    Joel Mowbray
Sympathy for Palestinian prisoners
    Barry Shaw
The folly of snubbing Israel
    Dr. Rand H. Fishbein
The foreign media's failure
    Michael Freund
The "Moderate Hustle"
    Emanuel A. Winston
The nature of the Jewish state
    WND — Ilana Mercer
The Oslo accord's terrible toll
    Jeff Jacoby
The Protocols of the Elders of the Alps
    Ellen W. Horowitz
The Real Palestinian Refugees
    David Silon
The Sound of Silence
    Jason Orenstein
The Trial
    Tashbih Sayyed
The wrong 'cycle of violence'
    Richard L. Benkin
Theatre of the absurd
    World Net Daily
There Is Only A Military Solution
    Ariel Natan Pasko
Threats to world peace
    David Arenson
U.S. Soldier who attacked fellow
    soldiers was a Moslem
Vatican & Standoff at Church
    of Nativity
— Sergio Minerbi
Victim or Executioner
    Louis Rene Beres
What a Country!
    Ephraim Kishon
What's in Their Hearts and Minds?
    Ryan Jones
Where is Our Rage?
    Moshe Kahan
Who Shall Stop the Highwaymen?
    William P. Welty
Why a Palestinian state now?
    World Net Daily
Your taxes for PLO propaganda
    David Bedein


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