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Give away the Settlements: To the Levites

Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D.

The world was coming to an end in three days. The entire earth will be flooded. The Pope called out to mankind to accept Jesus in these last three Days. The Moslems decided that they had three days to wage war for Islam supremacy. The Rabbis declared: "We have three days to learn how to live under water."

So let's go with the flow. It was unnatural and not part of the divine plan for Jews to immigrate to Israel and have no connection with "The Land". So many commandments can only be fulfilled by the Jewish farmer. The division of Israel, ordered in the Bible, was specifically a division of small self-sustaining farms. The average Israeli looks askance at an American immigrant who seeks a house with a lawn and back yard. Are you crazy? What do you need it for? Even a half dunam (eighth of an acre) is too much to garden. Most Israelis live in apartments.

Despite what is, it is not in the divine plan. The kibbutz and moshav was not in the divine plan and should fail. Megalopolis that breeds every perverse "alternative lifestyle" was not the divine plan and should fail. High density housing projects that does not sufficiently provide adequate privacy is not the divine plan and should fail. Settlements, closely packed house clusters with large tracts of abandoned land surrounding it is an abomination and should fail.

The divine plan is owner operated small farms. This can be done by Jewish law. By Jewish Law, every piece of the entire Land of Biblical Israel and Jordan, parts of Lebanon and Syria belong to some Jew. The problem is we do not know who owns what as the inheritance from the time of the exile became obfuscated over time.

By Jewish law, all we have to do is for every Jew to verbally relinquish his ownership over what he inherited and his inheritance is put into the pot that is divvied up by lottery. Those of us that are here must take our inheritance. Of course, this includes the entire Judea, Samaria and almost all of Gaza. We must take possession of our inheritance to own it. We must not allow any parts lie fallow. This is the religious roadmap plan.

The divine plan did call a number of settlements to house those who did not get a portion of land, the Levites. Some of these cities were cities of refuge. So let us donate all settlements to the Levites who have no share in the Land, and subdivide the Land into lots proportionate to the population of world Jewry. By simply donating the settlements to the Levites and moving out throughout the length and breadth of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the military will be unable to perform the heinous disengagement as they will be overly preoccupied observing and defending these 100,000 farms.

As the anti-religious Israeli government is not likely to comply with the divine plan, it is our obligation to buy all land we can and set up these small farms. For the first time in thousands of years we have the opportunity to fulfill Biblical commandments that can only be fulfilled by a farmer who owns his farm. Let's not again miss the opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Land is available for sale and we must pool our resources. Those that have leads of land for sale should post them on www.perpetual.homestead.com and those that can afford it, should buy. Others can farm your land if you are unable to. Many young families would be grateful to be subsidized to start a farm and would glad to be your tenant farmers, paying their rent as a share of their produce. They, on your behalf, fulfill the myriad commandments that can only be fulfilled by the farm owner.

Even if we do not purchase the land, there is abundant unowned abandoned land to farm. It is perfectly legal to homestead in these areas. In fact, it is our divine obligation to homestead all abandoned land. It is perfectly legal to farm it and build the one farm house on each farm. It is legal by Israeli and Jordanian law and was legal by Turkish and British law. Farm clusters rather than settlements provide security and secure large tracts of land (see www.yesha.homestead.com). There are six and a half dunam in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. If each farm is a modest 60 dunam, it takes 100,000 farmers to farm every square inch. There are portions that are desert, so in actuality, it will take much less.

Anticipating this as their worse case scenario, the apoplectic left and blatantly Anti-Semitic State Department insists that Jewish outposts be demolished. Well they can demolish homes and synagogues as many times as they want, but they do not uproot farms.

There is an internet rumor that a kabalistic rabbi predicted a tsunami will destroy all of Gaza and kill all the Arabs that live there.

So the Jews must find plants that like salt water.

Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D., is actively involved in creating communities for English-speaking Jewish immigrants and in an emigration program for Palestinians. He currently resides in the Shomron.
Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.