Leadership and Self-determination!

by Steven Shamrak.

"Sharon would accept a Palestinian state in Gaza and 90 percent of the West Bank, and a compromise on Jerusalem, in exchange for peace. But the Israeli leader does not believe Palestinians will be able to deliver peace or make other compromises" - Kalman Gayer, Ariel Sharon 's senior campaign pollster, has revealed the truth about Sharon 's intentions.

Benjamin Netanyahu won the Likud chairmanship race... Bibi, in his victory speech, said that "Tonight the Likud begins its way back to the leadership of the country." I sincerely hope that he meant it! But we must remember that it was Netanyahu who surrendered Hebron and allowed the beginning of the Oslo War. And now, he gave Sharons stooge, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom the second slot in the Likud party list. Seemingly, for the sake of self-destructive 'unity', he is repeating the same mistake!

Israel is in need of strong National leadership. We can't afford the continuation of the same self-destructive games any more. They have only produced the death and sorrow. We are further from our National goal than 56 years ago. When the independence of Israel was declared, at least, Jews had a clear vision of the Jewish state at the time! Will Israeli voters be able to elect, during the next election, the leader who would be able to shake off the Gullut mentality and lead Jewish people toward true self-determination?

There will be no peace with Arabs until Jews regain the self-pride. We must start to belive again in the Jewish rights and do what is right for Jewish people first. Sharon and Peres has been playing Monopoly with the land of Israel and the future of the Jewish people.

Jews are facing the leadership crisis in Israel and communities abroad. Apathy of the people, after so many years of political betrayal, is taking over!

Arabs only respect and accept the show of force. Any ambiguity and uncertainty shown by the Jewish state just stimulate their opportunistic behaviour and contribute to the rise of terrorism!

Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.