One or Four States Solution?

by Steven Shamrak

After WWI, following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the League of Nations, in order to facilitate the transition to independent states, created many mandate governed areas in the Middle East and Central Asia. As a result countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and others were created. The same principle was intended for the creation of a Jewish state when the United Kingdom (UK) was given a guardianship of the Palestinian Mandate.

Almost immediately, the UK made a deal with the Arabs and Egypt, and as a result, 77% of the land that was designated for the Jewish state was illegally cut off to create Jordan and an additional 5% to Syria from the Golan Heights. That is when the modern Arab-Israel conflict actually began!

Recently, a new Islamist order has been emerging in the Gaza Strip. Not long ago the Hamas Executive Force took control over Gaza. As a result the two-state solution, which was so eagerly promoted by 'friends' of Jews and by self-hating Jews lately, became a totally discredited fantasy! As a result, there are only two options remaining viable at the moment:

1. Creation of four states on Jewish land: Israel, Jordan, Fatahstan in Judea and Samaria and Hamastan in Gaza.

2. Establishment of one Jewish state on all Jewish ancestral land. (The non-Jewish population residing in the land of the Palestinian Mandate can be easily integrated by the neighbouring Muslim countries or a new state can be formed in the Sinai Peninsula later.) This option has never been given a chance!

There is another one-state solution. Enemies of the Jews, not just Arabs, have been working on it before and since the creation of the Palestinian Mandate and definitely since the declaration of independence by Israel. It is One Muslim State without Jews! Would you prefer this option? Many Jew-haters do!

Many Jewish publications have been eagerly promoting opinions about a Two-state solution or the Transfer of control of Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan, as the only alternatives to Arab-Israel conflict.

The limited autonomy of the Arab population in Gaza and the West bank — the original intention of the Olso Agreement — has been completely forgotten. They absolutely ignore, block and discredit as extremist views the original plan of the League of Nations — the creation of a Jewish homeland in the Palestinian Mandate, including Trans-Jordan.

Why is the idea of giving up Jewish land to enemies, whose goal is complete destruction of the state of Israel, not considered radical, but advocating the rights of Jewish people to the land of their ancestors is?

No wonder that with this type of coverage by the Jewish press, in addition to the global anti-Israel propaganda by the main-stream press, Jews have started to believe that we have no other choice!

Jews and the public in general are deprived of correct information and facts. They are brainwashed by politically motivated, often leftist, self-hating traitors who have infested the Jewish press and other Jewish organizations! The absence of true Zionist leadership in Israel and the Diaspora is the major contributor to our problems!

For some sinister reason the international press guided by hypocritical international political and business interests are portraying Fatah as a moderate alternative to Hamas. People forgot the killing of Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympic games and the string of airplane and ship hijackings perpetrated by Fatah in the past. The existing endless suicide bombings, the barrage of Kassam rockets and shells sent toward Israel by the military wing of Fatah are ignored or played down.

In reality there is no difference between  Hamas, Fatah or any so-called Palestinian organization. For quite a while the Palestinian National Charter — the official PLO doctrine — has not been checked.  Make a decision yourself if this is a "moderate" organization which accepts a two state solution, recognizes Israel and rejects violence and terrorism.

Article 2: Palestine, with the boundaries it had during the British Mandate, is an indivisible territorial unit. — This is in line with the League of Nations resolution for the Palestinian mandate as the land was allocated for the Jewish state and it did include Jordan!

Article 9: Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine. Thus it is the overall strategy, not merely a tactical phase…

Article 10: Commando action constitutes the nucleus of the Palestinian popular liberation war…

During the last 56 years, all peace options, except the Jewish one, have been tried many times! They produce only escalation of violence and terror, not just for Jews but for Arabs as well. One solution — the Jewish state, as it was designated by the League of Nations, on the Jewish ancestral land, is the only option that can bring peace and end the conflict. Why is it systematically ignored? Why is the creation of Eretz-Israel considered extreme, but the facilitation of Israel's destruction, through giving up Jewish land to enemies, is not?

Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.