Jewish Jihad is Better.

by Steven Shamrak.

Many Muslim mullahs, imams and terrorist chiefs have been igniting their followers by the word "Jihad" – Holy War. Even the leaders of some Muslim countries are not able to resist temptation. Their true intent is a war against everything that is un-Islamic. Any infidel, not just Jews, any non-Islamic country is a target. Even Muslim countries that allow some flexibility, freedom and personal rights that are not inline with hard-core Islamic doctrine are considered as a blasphemous and also are targeted.

Sometimes, in order to disguise the actual aggressive nature of Islamic Jihad, Muslim leaders say that they are misunderstood. They say that Jihad has nothing to do with terror and the desire for world domination by Islam; rather it is a call for the inner struggle of an individual Muslim. Little do they know that the concept of "inner struggle" is a deep spiritual idea of Judaism and Jewish spiritual teaching.

Every year Jews celebrate the exodus from Egypt. Most Jews celebrate Pesach (Passover) as the freedom Jews had obtained from physical slavery in Egypt, some 3,300 years ago. Not many remember or know that the Passover reminds us that internal freedom of mind and spirit is even more important.

Unfortunately, even so many years after the creation of the independent Jewish State, many Jews are still living in inner mental slavery. We are constantly living under the fear of "THEM": "What will they think?" "This is current reality, they will not allow us to…" – these are the questions that continuously sabotage our efforts to obtain true sovereignty and end endless torture or Arabs' terror that is unleashed on Israel and is artificially fostered by international hypocrisy.

We neglect our own right to the unity of Jewish land. Our right to self-determination is forgotten and regularly abused. Our right to live in peace in our own country is non-existent! At the same time many Jews support the fictional people – 'Palestinians', who were created for one reason only – to destroy Israel!

It is time for the Jewish people to shake off the "Mitzraim" (internal slavery) and declare our own Jihad! This is the fight against self-doubt, self-hate and lack of self-respect. We must unite the Jewish nation, get rid of our enemies and reunite our land! Only when we start to believe in ourselves will the respect from 'THEM' follow. As you can see, Jihad is good when it is properly used. So, let's start a Jewish 'Jihad'. It will be good for us!


Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.