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Attitudes to America

by Tom Carew

The devotion of a vast amount of media attention to the Irish visit of Chomsky, at the invitation of "Amnesty", which once used not to be a partisan political campaign, shows a totally biased lack of judgment.

Who saved the democratic world from:

(a) Stalin's aggression in the Berlin Blockade of 1948,

(b) from Mao & Stalin's aggression in 1950 in Korea.

(c) Serb aggression in both Bosnia and Kosovo, when Europe stood idly by,

(d) Saddam's invasion of Kuwait in 1991?
Or in 1917-18, who came to the aid of Europe against the aggression of the Kaiser, and in 1941-45 Hitler? Who was crucial to ending the Provo war against the Irish people? I also remember being beside Ambassador Jean Kennedy-Smith at the head of the massive "Give us back our peace" march in Dublin when the Provos broke their first cease-fire on Friday, 9 February, 1996, with their Canary Wharf double murder.

Who hosted the Camp David Israeli-PLO Summit? When wealthy Arab oil states were invisible, who sent supplies and aircraft to aid sunami-torn Islamic people, or Kashmir earthquake victims?

Where was the first flight? Who put the first man on the Moon? Who gave us GPS satellite positioning, or the Internet and WorldWide Web, or Boeing 747 Jumbos ? And how many Irish jobs did Chomsky tell us come from US investment, apart even from Intel?

And is it only 50m Irish-Americans we gave to that great land?

The maybe terminal sickness of "Old Europe", unlike the vibrant "New Europe" of the Poles, etc, is evident in those in Ireland who cheer Chomsky's selective bias, supercilious sneer, and lack of positive alternative.

And who ousted both the savage and misogynistic Taliban, and the Butcher of Baghdad, who is the only ruler in history, apart from Hitler, to have gassed his own people?

Maybe Chomsky will kindly tell us which Parties best reflect his tired bias, as we need to be sure that we don't vote for such appeasers, or fellow-travellers, of Usama Bin Ladin. Does anyone on the "Left" or "Right" stand comparison with freedom-fighters like Tony Blair, or US Senator Joe Lieberman?

It really is not difficult. Unless you swallow the infallibility of Pope Chomsky.

Tom Carew,
Dublin, 6,

e-mail: tmcarew@yahoo.com

Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.