Islamic Outrage

Four grave issues arise from the Islamic furor about cartoons. These are their:
[a] highly selective outrage,

[b] total lack of proportionality,

[c] methods of protest, and

[d] rights as inhering in citizens or residents, not in private/voluntary societies or faiths.
As regards [a], what group of Moslems protested publicly, if not violently, about any of the following 12 murderous bombings — by fanatical Islamic "Jihadi" fringe?
[1] Casablanca,
[2] Istanbul,
[3] Bali,
[4] Madrid trains,
[5] London Underground and bus,
[6] Shia Mosques in Iraq,
[7] Mosques in Pakistan,
[8] Lower Manhattan Twin Towers,
[9] Sudanese massacres in Darfur,
[10] Beslan school massacre,
[11] Nairobi, and
[12] visitors at Egyptian pyramids
Add to that list the murder of young Arabs [along with young Jews] in a Tel Aviv disco in 2001. Or the mass murder of 5,000 Sunni Kurdish Moslems Saddam gassed at Halabja. Or the murder of Egyptian (Muslim) President Anwar Sadat. Or the attempted assassination of another in Pakistan.

Which Imams travelled the world to stir up passion about any of these crimes?

Regarding [b], does the deliberate murder of innocent civilians, including Moslems, never produce the same level of heat and even violence as this world-wide reaction to drawings in an obscure paper that almost no-one heard of, even in Denmark, or had seen?

What are the real priorities in modern Moslem morality? Is there even one crime which, when committed by Moslems, can generate the same heat from Moslem protesters? Or is much of this really hysteria, carefully orchestrated by some within Islam with their own hidden agenda?

As regards [c], when London "protesters" carry placards with "Behead those who disrespect Islam", or "Mock to-day and die tomorrow", or appear dressed as a "suicide-bomber", we have simply criminal intimidation which needs urgent and firm police action. As we had with the Iranian "fatwa" threat to murder Rushdie.

As regards [d], Islamic or Jewish or Hindu rules, or RC Canon Law, these are of no more concern to, or binding force in, any free, democratic civil society, than golf-club rules. There never was any right, much less some absolute or over-riding one, in the Irish Constitutions or laws, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, or European Convention, to freedom from challenge, rejection, disrespect or ridicule, be it for any individual, official, preacher, politician, or even celebrity. Or for any body of such. And the dead " of any faith " cannot be libelled. We throughout Europe, either hold firm in the face of this orchestrated, global campaign of escalating intimidation, or we lurch into an Islamic theocracy.

Tom Carew,
Dublin, 6,


Our special thanks to the author for submitting this article. A. G. S.