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Israel contains one-sixth of one percent of the territory occupied by the surrounding Arab states (in yellow). Why do Arab States want more of the land of Israel?


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Harvest Truth DataBase — Bible Research

END TIMES Bible Report
God's Plan many languages

Gerald A. Honigman
Quest For Justice
Jack Engelhard
David Wilder - Hebron
Israel National News
Steven Shamrak

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alex Loutsky — 9/11 First Responder


A scientific analysis of Evolution, Abiogenesis and Intelligent Design. (PDF — 21 pages)

All are in agreement on at least one point in this discussion: atheists, agnostics, evolutionists, creationists, and all others, believe that life had a beginning. What can we know about that beginning?

Read about the latest findings, experiments and evidences with a critical comparison of the three most popular theories.

The Biblical Flood and Noah's Ark

(PDF — 23 pages)

An endeavor to integrate the Scientific Method into an interpretation of the Bible Account of the Flood and Noah’s Ark.

Free Study Book

Millions of copies of this Christian Classic have been circulated. Now you can obtain a copy at no cost or obligation. Shipped to U.S. addresses only.

The Authenticity of the Bible

(PDF — 11 pages)

Does the Bible qualify as of Divine Origin? What evidence outside the Bible supports this claim? How does the Bible compare to other claimants?

This brief overview presents compelling arguments, and includes valuable links to additional resources.

What is this World Coming To?
(PDF — 45 pages)

Examines current events in the light of prophecy and the outcome of troubles facing this present world.


• Today’s Headlines Written Nearly
   2,000 Years Ago

• Why God Permits Evil

...and more.

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